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ABOUT US | Cali Vices 

California Vices is a California State pride apparel and life style brand out of Northern California. Although the founder is from Nor Cal, we look to include all of California’s culture. From it's ethnic diversity to it's street food, extreme water sports like surfing, and everything in between like skateboarding, street art, graffiti, break dancing, tattoo culture, west coast hip hop, to California's wine country and legendary cannabis. We are a California life style apparel brand.

The name Cali Vices came about from being a born and raised California native, to realizing and respecting the fact that everyone has a right to be  different and thus has different values and vices. 


Vices are described as traits, practices, and behaviors that are against the normality of a society and frowned on by members of that society. "Everyone has a vice, what’s your vice!?"

Here at California Vices, we don’t look to fit in we look to set trends. We embrace individual expression and standing out. The California Vices brand was heavily influenced by the Bay Area’s cultural diversity and the urban street culture in the rough neighbor hoods of Oakland California.

California has always been a leader and pioneer when it comes to changing the status quo. Even when that sometimes means being at odds with the rest of the country. We are no different in the sense of fashion and looking to leave our own mark on the industry. We look to become a California staple, like our beaches and palm trees and cannabis.

We believe that it is important to give back to the community. So every year a portion of all proceeds are donated back to local communities through holiday food drives to help fight hunger, feeding and clothing the homeless, including homeless US veterans.


We are California Vices, pick up some gear and join us in sporting your California pride.

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